Kane, DiBenedetto and Friedman for Freehold Borough

Uniting Leadership, Vision, and Commitment for a Stronger Freehold

Our team has decades of combined experience in driving positive changes in our community, and their hands-on approach to leadership allows them to understand the needs of Freehold residents on a personal level. Together, they have the resources, insight, and passion needed to keep Freehold moving forward.


Mayor Kevin A. Kane

For the past 20 years, Mayor Kevin Kane has served his community with unwavering dedication, beginning with his election to the borough council in 2001. As a fifth-generation Freehold resident and former volunteer Freehold firefighter for 15 years, he’s witnessed firsthand how much a community can grow with the right leadership in place. Now, he’s prepared to keep our borough moving on the same upward trajectory he and his team have worked so tirelessly to establish.

 Beyond his leadership aspirations, Kevin Kane is a true family man at heart, crediting his beloved wife Ellen, three daughters, and five grandchildren as his ultimate inspirations. With their support, he hopes to continue building a stronger community for families of all shapes and sizes, and he’ll stop at nothing to get the job done.

Re-Elect Council President Michael J. DiBenedetto

Council member President Michael DiBenedetto has a long-reaching legacy within the Freehold community, which initially began during his 33 years as a volunteer Freehold firefighter. However, even before his service, Michael understood the crucial role that local residents, especially small business owners, play in the overall success of a community. Being a third-generation business and property owner in his hometown of Freehold, he’s committed to helping entrepreneurs and local enterprises thrive.

As the current Council President and Chairman of the Public Safety Committee, Michael has been vital to the administration’s effectiveness and spearheaded many of the initiatives that have helped our community grow. Along with the support of his wife, Cindy, and two stepsons, Michael  DiBenedetto looks forward to continuing his service to the Borough of Freehold and elevating our town even further.

Elect Candidate 

Jeffrey J. Friedman

Jeffrey Friedman is something of a modern-day renaissance man, beginning his higher education journey by studying art, philosophy, history, and political science. After receiving his Juris Doctorate at Widener School of Law, Jeff immediately put his expansive knowledge to good use by working under various elected officials in Washington, DC for more than 7 years.

 From there, Jeffrey opted to bring his hard-earned insight back to Freehold, serving as a board member for some of our borough’s most vital institutions, including the Historic Preservation Commission, Park Avenue School Safety Committee, and the Board for the Freehold Center Management Corporation. This experience has given him a comprehensive view of our borough’s needs, which he hopes to further address if elected to Council. With his diverse perspective and real-world expertise, Jeffrey J. Friedman is certain to bring a wave of positivity to Freehold’s local government.



Why Choose Our Administration:


We believe that great leadership starts with personal connections. During his time in office, Mayor Kane has remained in constant alignment with the concerns of our citizens, hosting in-person town hall sessions and online Q&As that put the voices of Freehold’s residents at the forefront of the conversation.


Together, we’re working to move Freehold into the modern age, creating a community where residents of all backgrounds can thrive. Our administration leverages the power of modern technology to streamline operations throughout the borough and connects with more residents through our growing social media platforms.


Our team never backs down in the face of a challenge. Enduring the difficult early days of the COVID-19 pandemic, Mayor Kane and his staff have worked diligently to ensure the safety and well-being of all Freehold citizens, and we’re committed to continuing this mission regardless of what obstacles we face.