Kane, DiBenedetto and Friedman for Freehold Borough

Leadership Built On Trust, Transparency &


We believe that elected officials should exist to act in the best interest of their constituents, not the other way around. That’s why our team has worked relentlessly to build a platform that speaks to the needs of Freehold’s residents, giving them the power to remain deeply entwined in every stage of the policy-making process.

As we work to re-elect Mayor Kevin Kane and his team of expert leaders, our goal is to continue to dissolve the barriers that often stand between citizens and their government, providing our community with full transparency on all upcoming developments and creating modernized communication tools that allow residents to express their ideas, questions, and concerns.

Together, we’re on a mission to move Freehold forward, one innovation at a time.

Infrastructure Enrichment

We believe that thriving communities start with local enrichment, by expanding public parks, libraries, and growing the downtown area. That’s why we’re focusing on obtaining and utilizing a variety of grants that ensure these developments will be adequately funded, allowing us to create a more vibrant Freehold Borough
community for our local families.


We strive to dissolve the barriers that stand between citizens and their local government by creating increased transparency in our operations and encouraging ongoing feedback from our residents. This includes utilizing a streamlined online portal that allows citizens to submit inquiries, track community projects, and more.

Increased Revenue

We have worked hard to
identify and capitalize on developing new, re-occurring revenue streams to support our municipal operations and to lighten the tax burden on our taxpayers. We have developed a realistic, multifaceted plan to encourage responsible redevelopment to expand our downtown shopping district and generate hundreds of thousands of dollars in new tax revenue. We have taken advantage of the state’s legalization of recreational marijuana sales, as approved overwhelmingly by Borough voters. By permitting several well-regulated businesses, we will receive a local sales tax on every sale, generating tens of thousands in property tax relief. We have also established a parking utility, and by charging for parking in high demand areas in our downtown, we will be able to shift the cost of providing parking from the taxpayers to those actually using our parking assets. This will free up municipal funds for other public purposes while still leaving hundreds of free spaces.