KEEP Freehold Borough

Mayor Kane, Council President Mike DiBenedetto, and Jeff Friedman, the right team to continue moving Freehold Borough forward. Join us as we invest in our hometown’s future through strong leadership, vision and commitment.




For the past four years, Mayor Kevin Kane has worked to set Freehold Borough on a clear path to a brighter future. With the help of Council President Mike DiBenedetto, Council candidate and Downtown Business advocate, Jeff Friedman, the Kane team is working to move our community into the future, through smart investments in our roads, parks, and public facilities. Always seeking the best for the residents, the Kane team is working to generate alternative sources of revenue to provide tax relief. Responsible redevelopment, recreational cannabis, and a parking management system will generate new revenue to offset the tax burdens to our residents. Not to mention over 4 million dollars in grant funding that has allowed us to improve our parks, pave our roads, enhance our neighborhoods and bring new life to our beloved Carnegie Library. Of course as we move ahead we cannot forget Freehold Borough’s historic roots. The Kane team has moved to strengthen our Historic Preservation Commission and have created new historic preservation districts, ensuring our proud history is preserved.

As we move forward, we’ll need the strong leadership, vision and the commitment the Kane team will deliver. We’re asking for your support as we pledge to continue moving our community forward in exciting new directions.






Meet Your team

Mayor Kevin Kane, along with council candidates Michael  DiBenedetto and Jeffrey Friedman, have dedicated themselves to building a stronger, more vibrant community for Freehold Borough citizens. The Kane administration has always put the Freehold Borough residence as the top priority, and we will continue to do so.

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We believe that great leadership starts with personal connections. During his time in office, Mayor Kane has remained in constant alignment with the concerns of our citizens, hosting in-person town hall sessions and online Q&As that put the voices of Freehold’s residents at the forefront of the conversation.


Together, we’re working to move Freehold into the modern age, creating a community where residents of all backgrounds can thrive. Our administration leverages the power of modern technology to streamline operations throughout the borough and connects with more residents through our growing social media platforms.


Our team never backs down in the face of a challenge. Enduring the difficult early days of the COVID-19 pandemic, Mayor Kane and his staff have worked diligently to ensure the safety and well-being of all Freehold citizens, and we’re committed to continuing this mission regardless of what obstacles we face.

What Your Neighbors Are Saying

Discover the voices and visions of our dedicated Freeholders as they share their inspiring stories and unwavering commitment to our community.

Joseph Howe, Ed.D., CPA

“During the height of the pandemic while most of us were inside our homes Mayor Kevin Kane, Council President Mike DiBenedetto, and Director Jeff Friedman from Downtown Freehold came to the school a few nights each week to hand out meals and masks to hundreds of residents. Not only were they on the frontlines, the Mayor, Council, and Jeff coordinated this monumental effort to procure food and supplies for the Borough that were in scarce supply. This leadership continued on through securing tests and vaccines which led to Freehold Borough having one of the lowest COVID rates in Monmouth County. This couldn’t have happened without the early planning and resourcefulness of Mayor Kane and the team. “

Geralyn Fraggetta-Drury Executive Director

 “I remember the day that Mayor Kane called me to chat about what we were facing. He told me that he was putting together a team of agency members to fight the new unknown enemy. I thought it was a good idea but I could have never imagined the impact this new group would have on our community, our agency, or me, personally. We formed the Food Safety Net and started on a journey into unchartered waters. During that time, Mayor Kane and the council worked with us tirelessly to help us find solutions as each crisis popped up. Our group would meet three times a week; most of us were in touch several times a day. We moved thousands of pounds of non-perishable food and prepared meals. We found ways to bring fresh produce and set up pop-up distributions. We offered education, resources, and vaccination clinics.”



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